Examining User Complaints of Wearable Apps: A Case Study on Android Wear

Suhaib Mujahid, Giancarlo Sierra, Rabe Abdalkareem, Emad Shihab, Weiyi Shang

Published in Proceedings of the 4th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Mobile Software Engineering and Systems (MOBILESoft), 2017

Abstract: Wearable apps are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. However, to date, very few studies examined the issues that wearable apps face. Prior studies showed that user reviews contain a plethora of insights that can be used to understand quality issues and help developers build better quality mobile apps. Therefore, in this paper, we mine user reviews in order to understand the user complaints of wearable apps. We manually sample and categorize 589 reviews from 6 Android wearable apps. Our findings indicate that the most frequent complaints are related to functional errors, lack of functionality, and cost. Our results are useful to the wearable developer community since they highlight the issues that users face and care most about.

DOI: 10.1109/MOBILESoft.2017.25